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December & November reviews

December 31st, 2012 at 01:32 pm

Both negative months, in term of cash flow, and I expect more negative months for a while. Moving into a new place with nothing but the clothes on my back has been extremely expensive.

Luckily the area I'm in is very safe so I can buy used furnitures on Craigslist without worrying too much, but it's still costly.

Keep in mind, I don't have mortgage principle included in here. It was a one time charge in July so I now have a very large negative account on my book for it. Payment to this account is a transfer of fund and doesn't count as an expense.



2 Responses to “December & November reviews”

  1. Jerry Says:

    We have been getting second hand furniture for our recent move, too, and it still leads to a lot out-of-pocket. I can relate. I hope that you have some insurance of getting some nice stuff for good prices, anyway! Ours has been a mixed bag.

  2. Firstofmanysteps Says:

    I managed to get some nice solid wood pieces for decent prices, but they don't show up often. In the mean time I make do with pressed wood and the sort. For the prices I paid for them, around $10 each, I can't complain too much about quality.

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