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January Review

January 31st, 2015 at 10:06 pm

First month of the year and I'm already in the red.

On the positive side:
1. Last year vacation payout
2. 11.61% raise

On the negative side:
1. Increased 401k contribution by 5%
2. Prepaid HOA for entire year
3. Charity and gift

Rare Species

January 11th, 2015 at 07:28 pm

I finally got around to take a personality test and found out that I belong to the rarest of the rare group, female INTJ. I went to look it up at this site


and had a bit of a laugh at the end. My first reaction was that it was spooky how accurate it was, only to see this "wow, this is so accurate it's a little creepy" on the conclusion page. Haha. I can see why my mom often told other relatives that I'm naturally "unintentional callous."

I actually only edge out INFJ by 1% on the T, but while the woo-woo, touchy, feeling portion came pretty close, the part about reaching out and connect with others is way off.

As I grow older, I feel like I have more compassion for fellow human being, but as a whole and not individually. On day, I hope to be able to care for every single person in this world at the same level I care for my parent. In the mean time though, I'm highly critical of whininess, especially when it came from people who are already so blessed compare to millions and millions who are suffering.

First snow of the season

January 6th, 2015 at 06:46 am

Went out, spent over 30 minutes navigating around 2 stuck school buses, slid right through an intersection, went back in.

It's only 1-2 inches of snow, but on untreated and unprepared roads, this happened.

2014 - Year End Numbers

January 5th, 2015 at 06:37 pm

It's only 11 months since I lost all the old data.

This is a lot less than I expected.

Hair and teeth. The high cost of vanity.

As expected

Cash in only. Next year will probably be more, but the aim is to reduce this number.

Much less than I expected, due to numerous free activities and a whole lot of laziness. Most of the lottery money was due to not reading the instruction on the machine, which stated "No change." Will aim to increase this a lot next year, especially for outdoor activities.

Now I remember why December felt a bit lacking. Forgot about the charities.

Less than expected, but then I'm still experimenting with various silhouettes and only managed to buy 2 good piece of clothing.

The last contribution to ROTH.

Could definitely do without the ticket.

Electricity and water are higher than expected. Then again, I wasn't setting the temp at 72 year round before.

If I take out the optional saving, it's not bad.