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2014 - Year End Numbers

January 5th, 2015 at 06:37 pm

It's only 11 months since I lost all the old data.

This is a lot less than I expected.

Hair and teeth. The high cost of vanity.

As expected

Cash in only. Next year will probably be more, but the aim is to reduce this number.

Much less than I expected, due to numerous free activities and a whole lot of laziness. Most of the lottery money was due to not reading the instruction on the machine, which stated "No change." Will aim to increase this a lot next year, especially for outdoor activities.

Now I remember why December felt a bit lacking. Forgot about the charities.

Less than expected, but then I'm still experimenting with various silhouettes and only managed to buy 2 good piece of clothing.

The last contribution to ROTH.

Could definitely do without the ticket.

Electricity and water are higher than expected. Then again, I wasn't setting the temp at 72 year round before.

If I take out the optional saving, it's not bad.

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